About Tom Toomey


My name is Tom Toomey.

I was raised with blue-collar values that taught me success requires you to keep your head down and work hard. Media hits aren’t going to fix our broken education system or stop inflation from destroying our economy. Hard work will.

I grew up in a big, blue-collar New Jersey family. My mom was a schoolteacher and my dad ran a small insurance business. They taught my four siblings and me simple values: family and community come first, hard work pays off, and success is always easier without an ego. I know this and the working men and women across New Jersey know this. But our leadership in Washington doesn’t. They have no clue.

Today, I’m running to represent New Jersey’s 6th Congressional District because I have the values and business know-how Washington lacks. I understand what hard work means and I don’t care if I get the credit. I have been successful in business my whole life – from running multi-billion-dollar programs to expanding access to advanced technology across the globe. I understand how the economy functions and what children need to thrive in an uncertain future. Our world is complex, but our values are not – and they are in short supply.

As your representative I will take the same blue-collar, New Jersey values that helped me succeed to Washington, where I will work for you, fight for our communities and New Jersey, and get to work on the issues that matter most for our nation.


Education & Career

Tom Toomey knows how to work. While a finance and economics student at Iona College, Tom worked 50-hour weeks at Merri-Makers, then a small catering turned food manufacturing company that has since gone on to become one of the largest and most successful in New Jersey. There he learned first-hand what it takes to run and grow a business, working hand-in-hand with the owner to bring hard results.

Diploma in hand, Tom went on to corporate America. Starting at Thompson Reuters and then Samsung, one of the largest technology companies in the world, he directly managed a multi-billion-dollar revenue program.

After several successful years in this role, Tom was hired by Workfusion, an emerging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning company, to roll out their global go-to-market strategy. With his finger on the pulse of major economic, industry, and financial trends, Tom expanded Workfusion’s access into new markets and the use of advanced technology across the world.

Tom more recently took his expertise to the Republican National Committee (RNC) where he served as a senior staffer – making major inroads in the fight for limited government, rebuilding our economy, and defending American values by implementing a strategy that saw revenues increase by over $100 million in only three months.

Tom knows how to work. But he isn’t done. Weak leadership in Washington and woke politics are distracting us from the real issues facing our nation. Inflation is on the rise while our children are being taught critical race theory. This is a recipe for disaster.

Grounded in blue-collar, hard-working values, Tom is running to represent New Jersey’s 6th Congressional District because one-party rule and politicians like Frank Pallone have failed New Jersey. It’s time to use common sense to fix our broken economic and education policies.

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