The U.S.’ misguided policy of engagement and balancing against China has failed to produce any real reforms or a more favorable relationship with Beijing. In fact, the opposite has happened. China has doubled down on its oppressive communist practices both domestically and abroad, while taking every opportunity to undermine U.S. interests and democracy.


Let’s be clear: the Chinese Central Communist Party (CCP) poses the single greatest external economic and national security threat to the United States since the fall of the Soviet Union. 


Our world-class universities and innovative industries - once the major champions of America and American values - are now bent at the waist in an imperial kowtow, appeasing Chairman Xi Jinping and the demands of the Chinese market. Even Hollywood producers and film directors find themselves at the whim of Beijing, fearfully re-writing scripts to paint China in a positive light.


Meanwhile, a genocide is taking place everyday in western China. Camps are being constructed. Indoctrination documents are being scripted and implemented in psychological rehabilitation centers. Families are being broken up and lives ruined. And the Chinese military does not blink an eye. Under the guise of “suppressing terrorism” they are wiping out an entire Uighur culture.


And on their eastern shores the stakes of survival are equally high for those who stand in opposition to Chinese oppression. Taiwan, a beacon of democracy and capitalism, faces daily incursions by Chinese air and sea power, and recognizes everyday the realistic threat of a Chinese invasion. An emboldened, aggressive, hyper nationalistic China, which sees this century as the Chinese century, believes that Taiwan is rightfully Chinese territory. 


While the issue of China is globe spanning and complex, the answer is clear in that they are our enemy. The Chinese Communist Party does not see cooperation and global harmony with the United States and the western world as something worth achieving. They intend to restructure the global order as a hierarchical power structure in which they sit at the top and dominate the rest of the world. And while the scale of this problem is monumental, it must be addressed at the level upon which real change in America occurs, in the halls of congress, with the support of Americans from every corner of our country, committed to the ideals purported in the American constitution, with the will to stand up to aggression on the world stage.

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