After a year of COVID lockdowns, the Biden Administration continues to do more harm to our economy than we could have ever imagined. Inflation is at its highest since the Great Depression, there is a supply chain crisis across the country, and our government is incentivizing workers to stay home. Americans are struggling now more than they did at the height of the pandemic because of failed Democratic economic policies. Businesses are short staffed and the price of goods like gas and groceries is skyrocketing.


I’ve worked in business my whole life and my number one priority is to fix the economic disaster this country is facing. If we have any hope of recovering from the widespread economic suffering that resulted from the COVID crisis, we need to implement common sense policies.


Democrats’ pledge to raise corporate tax rates, already at one of the highest levels in the developed world, would be disastrous for a New Jersey business environment that is already hamstrung by bad fiscal policy. I will bring economic dynamism back for New Jersey by fighting to lower corporate taxes so that businesses and workers can thrive.


Disastrous energy policies, like shutting down the Keystone XL pipeline, have contributed to the exorbitant gas price increases that are hitting people of New Jersey especially hard. Shifting clean, American natural gas production away from US soil and forfeiting our energy independence in less than a year has been one of the major failures of the Biden presidency. I will continue to work to ensure energy production in the United States is done in the safest and most responsible manner so we can keep energy prices affordable and our future generations can enjoy the natural beauty of our great nation.


The supplemental federal unemployment benefits extended by the Biden administration have been a major contributor in stunting the economic recovery. The numbers are clear, red states that refused the federal supplement have seen a much stronger labor market resurgence than blue states that embraced it. Paying people to stay home and pumping more cash into an overheating economy has made unemployment and inflation worse than it should be. As a result, New Jersey has an unemployment rate well above the national average and is replacing jobs lost during the pandemic at a glacial pace.


I promise to fight to cut regulation, lower taxes and slash red tape. I promise to fight for small businesses and push forward policies that protect the middle class. Most of all, I promise to fight to create an economy that works for the American People and the people of New Jersey first. For me, this is non-negotiable.

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