Millennial Republican Challenges Key Pelosi Ally as Midterms Heat Up

Aberdeen, NJ – Today, former senior Republican National Committee staffer and business leader Tom Toomey announced his intent to run as a Republican for New Jersey’s Sixth Congressional District. The Sixth District is currently represented by Representative Frank Pallone, who chairs the powerful House Energy and Commerce Committee under Speaker Nancy Pelosi.  


“Redistricting may have changed district lines, but it has not changed my resolve. The Eleventh District is in great hands with many great candidates in the running. But, in the Sixth District -my home district- career politician Frank Pallone remains unchallenged in a newly vulnerable district,” wrote Toomey. “After watching as my hometown suffered through thirty years of inaction by Frank Pallone, I am running for Congress to provide new energy, new ideas, and a new perspective in a time when it is badly needed. 


“As Chair of the powerful House Energy and Commerce Committee, Frank Pallone has done little more than fall in line with Nancy Pelosi,” Toomey continued.  “He failed to fight back against surging gas prices, causing working-class families to struggle to make ends meet. He helped to push through the Green New Deal, which will destroy jobs in our district and across the nation. He continues to allow Big Tech to violate our privacy. He blocked meaningful healthcare reform while voting to raise the price of prescription drugs and cost of health insurance. And he has allowed the opioid crisis to grow and fester, destroying New Jersey communities. 


“For thirty years, voters trusted Frank Pallone to deliver on his promises. But after three decades without meaningful results, it’s time we try something new. I’m running against him for New Jersey’s Sixth Congressional District because New Jerseyans deserve a Representative whom they can trust to fight for the hard-working families of our district,” concluded Toomey. 

Following redistricting in New Jersey, the new Sixth District becomes significantly more competitive with Democrats holding a slight advantage based on recent election results.


The House Energy and Commerce Committee is responsible for a wide range of issues, including healthcare, telecommunications, and energy. This places Chairman Pallone in the center of several ongoing crises likely to define this race and the 2022 midterms.



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